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The Truth About Your Sold Deals:


Nobody Is Perfect!




Communication Is Difficult!

Hard To Manage!

Everyday documents get lost or end up missing or maybe someone overlooked a expired drivers licence or did not see that the check stub had the wrong dates, either way mistakes will happen that cause funding delays.   

With so many people involved on EVERY deal its hard to track the communication lines between departments. Has the customer been called? Did we call the bank? When are we getting this check stub? Whats going on with this deal?

Ever had a deal "slip" through the cracks?  Sold deals are VERY hard to manage because you have up to six people involved on every deal with thousands of pages of paperwork and sometimes deals get lost in the shuffle.

Keep Your Customer Engaged.

Your new app will engage your customers via their mobile device and allow them to upload needed documents in their PJ'S.

Clear And Easy To Follow.

Give your customers direction throughout the buying process.

Streamlines The Funding Process.

Allows you to send messages directly to your buyer.  Need them to complete the welcome call? Just send them a push notification and in one click they are on the line with the bank. 

A Secure Way For Your Clients To Submit Needed Documentation Required By The Bank.




Your Sold Deals Have Never Been Easier To Manage.

All Your Unfunded Deals In One Central Online Location.

 Monitor CIT, UFD & SOT from one screen.

Receive & Review Stips in real-time.

Contact customer directly from dashboard.

Add internal notes to any deal.

 Improves CIT Averages.

 Fully integrated mobile app.

 Customizable deals statuses.

 Easy to use.





Finance Manager





Does this happen to you?  The bank holds up your deal because the driver license has the wrong address.  Your salesman gets paged by three different managers throughout the day letting him know that the deal has been held because the driver's license has an incorrect address and now the bank needs POR.  Your salesman says "I'll get a hold of them" and two days go by and you still don't have your POR and round and round you go...

STOP THE MADNESS! Our proactive deal funding system will allow for anyone with a login to send a message directly to your customer explaining what you need and give your customer a safe and secure way to simply upload that document using any smartphone, eliminating driving back to the dealership.  Everyone with a login can simply see that the customer has been contacted and can leave internal notes on that deal for one another. 

Your New CIT List!

One Click Ready

System Built-In...



Average "Held" Deal Stays Held For 3 Days!

Bank starts to book deal and notices POI is now outdated and "HOLDS" the deal.  Finance tell's salesman to call the customer. Salesman then reaches out to customer.



Customer drops off the new POI after the bank closed, now you have to wait till following morning for the funding team to approve the new document. 

Source: CDK Global

Dealership is waiting on the customer to bring in document. No sign from the customer...


Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"StipTrac has lowered our monthly C.I.T. by over 40% in the first 90 days. StipTrac allows us to collect documents 24-7 from customers."

Kim Baker

GM, Grote Automotive

"We cut our monthly C.I.T. average by over $220,000 a month using StipTrac. We use StipTrac on EVERY deal and our customers love the APP."

Scott Clausing

GM/Partner, BIG Chrysler Jeep Dodge

"StipTrac has allowed for us to have TOTAL communication with internal staff and customers on every un-funded deal. I never have to ask anyone why a deal is not funded."

Jim Crosswell

GM/Partner, Taylor Chrysler Jeep Dodge

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