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Deal Status Updates, CIT Monitoring And Document Sharing.

Real-Time Updates For Sales And Service

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From collecting needed loan documents to informing your customers about sales incentives, service specials, service updates or maybe just a simple introduction during the delivery process StipTrac is your ULTIMATE customer communication tool!

Custom Push Notifications

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Customers want to be more digitally connected to you.

Customers want to go FASTER.


Customers are better informed.



Safe Document Sharing

Review Push And Referral System Built In

Custom URL Push. Credit App's, Surveys etc.

100% Message Delivery Rate

Real-time Custom Notifications

"When we are not working, StipTrac is working!" 

Kim B, Grote Automotive

"We have dropped our CIT by over $220,000 a month since using StipTrac" Scott C, Michigan City Dodge

"I have never seen my staff be so excited and eager to use a new product as we have seen with StipTrac."  

Corey M, Premiere Auto Centers

"StipTrac does what its supposed to do, and does it very well." Jim C Taylor Dodge

Becky Forquer-Brown is the Vice President and co-founder of StipTrac.

Becky has a Bachelor of Arts in English Education but was introduced to the automobile industry 18 years ago and has seen everything involved in a dealership, from the start of internet selling to sales, marketing and Finance. Becky and her husband have owned a Chevrolet Hyundai and RV dealership so her experience is diverse.

Our mission is to provide your dealership with the greatest technologies available to assist your dealership for 100% communication with your customer before and after the sale. 

- About Us-

- Our Mission -

We created a new interactive buying experience for your customers that will streamline the delivery process, eliminate mistakes commonly made during the delivery process and help your dealership stay more compliant by safeguarding any uploaded images. StipTrac is a TOTAL dealership tool that can be used by all parties involved. We believe that open communication is ultimately the best way to get your deals funded quicker. 

Ed Maisonneuve is the President and co-founder of StipTrac.

Ed focuses time on marketing and sales strategies. He is no stranger to the automobile industry, having spent over 20 years as a retail salesman and a finance manager. Ed has seen and adapted to many changes in the automobile industry over the years. Ed’s background in the automobile industry has provided the perfect foundation for understanding the dealership owner’s pains and finding solutions for those pains. 

- Meet Ed & Becky

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